What diet to reduce myopia?

Nowadays, the number of young people with myopia is increasing day by day. Because of the academic pressure and irregular sitting posture, the number of people with myopia is also increasing. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of diet and nursing in the daily life of myopic patients, so what is good diet for myopia? Let’s have a look next.

1、 Protein

What diet to reduce myopia?

As far as sclera is concerned, it can become tough tissue of eyeball. Although sclera has certain tenacity, it is still fragile in the anterior and posterior part of the eye. Meat, fish, eggs, milk, and other animal foods are not only rich in protein, but also contain all essential amino acids. Eating more can strengthen the tenacity of sclera.Replenish abundant protein: the normal function of eyes, the renewal of aging tissues, and the repair of damaged tissues are all inseparable from protein. If the protein supply is insufficient for a long time, it will make the myopic eye tissue aging, functional decline and vision decline.

2、 Eat more calcium containing foods

foods good for myopia- calcium

Calcium is not only the bone, but also the main component of sclera. The high content of calcium plays an important role in enhancing the tenacity of sclera. Common calcium rich foods include animal bones such as beef bones, pig bones and sheep bones, which are rich in calcium and easy to be absorbed and utilized by human body. Other calcium contents such as milk, bean products, shrimp skin, shrimp, egg, rape, cabbage, peanut, jujube, etc. are also high.

3、 Pay attention to zinc supplement

foods good for myopia-Zine

Myopia patients generally lack zinc, so they eat more zinc containing foods, such as soybean, almond, laver, kelp, mutton, yellow croaker, milk powder, tea, meat, beef, liver, etc. Pay attention to calcium supplement. Calcium deficiency can reduce the elasticity of the sclera of the eyes, increase the pressure in the crystalline body, lengthen the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball, and make slight changes in the ciliary muscle, so it is easy to suffer from vision loss and myopia.

4、 Pay attention to selenium intake

foods good for myopia-selenium

It has been found that people can improve their eyesight by injecting selenium and eating foods containing more selenium. Selenium containing foods include animal liver, egg shell, soybean, mushroom, asparagus, shepherd’s purse, carrot, etc.

5、 Supplement food with chromium

There is a certain relationship between chromium and vision loss and myopia. Myopia patients eat more chromium containing foods, such as beef, black pepper, brown rice, corn, millet, coarse flour, brown sugar, grape juice, fungi, etc.

foods good for myopia-chromium

Chromium exists in liver, kidney, blood and spleen. It is a trace mineral needed by pancreas to secrete insulin. It can decompose glucose, absorb it from the small intestine, increase the blood sugar value, and the pancreas secretes insulin to help the muscle absorb it.

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