What do friends with poor eyesight care about most

Abstract: young students and close workers have more myopia, which shows that the occurrence and development of myopia are closely related to close work, especially insufficient lighting, too close reading distance, too long reading time, unclear or too small font, and poor posture.

myopia is a symptom that the eye can’t see far things, but can see near things. On the premise of static refraction, distant objects cannot converge in the retina, but form a focus in front of the retina, resulting in visual deformation and blurring of distant objects. Roughly classified, myopia can be divided into refraction and axial. Refractive myopia is the most serious. Refractive myopia can reach more than 600 degrees, that is, high myopia.

myopia is one of the three major diseases in the world. It not only affects our daily life, but also induces various kinds of serious diseases. At present, there are various kinds of visual health care institutions in the country to help near eyesight prevention and control of friends with vision loss. Many parents who are concerned about the official account of Xiaobian are always asking questions from Xiaobian. Are these health care methods safe? Are there any side effects? Vision care workers always complain to Xiaobian that some customers hesitate after consulting for the first time and wait for a few months before entering the store. Because the vision condition is aggravated, the training cost increases. They also say that vision care workers ask exorbitant prices to kill customers!


editors today take this platform to analyze to your readers how to distinguish whether there are side effects.

first, Let’s understand the causes of visual impairment (at present, the academic community believes that there are the following three mainstream causes of visual impairment)

1. Genetic factors: according to the survey, myopia has a certain genetic tendency. It is generally believed that high myopia belongs to autosomal recessive inheritance, and medium and low myopia belongs to polygenic inheritance.

2. Development factors: the eyeball is small in infancy, which is often physiological hyperopia. With the growth of age, the eye axis gradually lengthens and tends to face up. If it is over developed, it will form myopia.

3. External causes: young students and close workers have more myopia, which shows that the occurrence and development of myopia are closely related to close work, especially insufficient lighting, too close reading distance, too long reading time, unclear or too small font, and poor posture.


in order to avoid the loss of their customers, some irresponsible optical shops publicize to the people who do not know the truth in the society that vision care will cause the degree to deepen, which leads many parents to hesitate and ask me whether it will deepen. Now let’s look at the factors that may cause the degree to deepen. Among these factors, heredity is beyond our control, Let’s not talk about it for the time being. Let’s first look at the causes of overdevelopment. Xiaobian believes that most of them are controllable.

1. Disease: a considerable number of patients have suffered from measles, pertussis and other infectious diseases. Most of these patients have eye enlargement. When the eye is in the expanded state, the diopter of the eye decreases and the vision decreases.

2. Noise: the research of relevant experts shows that when the sound intensity is above 90 dB, the sensitivity of rod cells in fundus retina to distinguish light brightness begins to decline, and the time to identify weak light response is prolonged. When it exceeds 45 dB, 40% of people have dilated pupils, and when it reaches 115 dB, the adaptability of eyes to light brightness decreases by 20%, At the same time, it is accompanied by the weakening of color perception.

3. Lack of mineral elements: medical research shows that mineral elements such as calcium and chromium are an important condition to ensure the normal vision of teenagers. Calcium plays an irreplaceable role in maintaining the normal pressure of eye crystals and chromium in maintaining eye diopter. In particular, it should be noted that processing too fine rice and noodles will lose 80% of chromium. Deliberately eating some coarse grains is beneficial to vision health.

4. Eating too many sweets: sweets are acidic foods. On the one hand, they consume a lot of calcium in the body. On the other hand, raising blood sugar and changing crystal osmotic pressure are another scourge leading to the formation of myopia. It is better to supervise children to eat less.

5. Passive smoking: German experts found that tobacco contains a highly toxic cyanide, which accumulates in the human body to a certain extent and can cause toxic amblyopia. Teenagers’ eyeballs are in the development stage and are more sensitive to the harmful substances in tobacco.

6. Lack of sleep: 10-13 years old is the peak of myopia. If children of this age do not get enough sleep, their sympathetic and parasympathetic functions will lose balance, resulting in disorder of the regulation function of the ciliary muscle. Therefore, they can ensure that they get enough sleep for 9-11 hours every night, which can protect their eyesight.

secondly, let’s look at other external causes.


are the four most direct causes of long-time and close reading and writing, incorrect sitting posture, too small font and insufficient lighting. It is impossible for any vision care store to let customers make these four actions that are not conducive to vision in the store. Then all the mainstream causes of deepening are avoided. It is obvious how to have side effects. The above part of the


natural series analyzes the vision improvement training without injection, medicine and eye contact. For other methods of vision improvement, naturally, each has its own advantages, but whether there are side effects. Due to space, the series cannot analyze so many kinds of rehabilitation methods one by one.


in some non mainstream academic circles, it is said that squinting, polarized light and other unnatural light will also harm eyesight. Although Xiaobian also holds a positive attitude towards these statements, they are not the views of mainstream academic circles after all, so Xiaobian does not involve these aspects in this article, At present, these mainstream academic views are considered to be recognized aspects affecting vision, but the academic community has not given a definite reason for the induction of myopia. Maybe other incentives will be found in the future. This article is only aimed at the current academic research.