What examination should darling myopia do

Abstract: even if the young baby is short-sighted and doesn’t know how to express, at this time, parents should timely observe the child’s various movements. In the following situations, they should take the baby for myopia examination.

for young children, how to detect myopia early?

generally speaking, if there are the following situations, you have to take your child to the hospital for examination.

1. 3-4 months after birth, children’s eyes do not rotate with the movement of people, hands and toys, and their eyes often stare.

nystagmus occurs in children before the age of 2 or 2, especially in infants under the age of 1.

3. Older children have abnormal head position, and their head unconsciously tilts in a certain direction when looking at things.

4. Children always move their heads very close when watching TV and picture books.

what should be done to check the baby’s eyesight?

1. Visual acuity examination

children aged 1-2 can only be roughly measured, and pay attention to judge whether there is a significant difference in visual acuity between their two eyes. Generally, 3-year-old children can have “e” visual acuity chart examination through training, and the examination frequency is better every half a year to one year.

2. Eye position examination

can be observed when talking with the baby, or can be conducted by inducing the child’s eyes to turn in different directions with flashlight, toys, etc.

3. Fundus examination

this is an indispensable routine examination. To diagnose strabismus and amblyopia, we should first exclude various eye diseases, such as retinocytoma, optic papilledema, congenital abnormalities of fundus, etc.

4. Mydriatic optometry

mydriasis does not damage the child’s eyes. After using mydriasis agent, the near object is blurred and photophobic, but it will not affect other activities. Once the drug effect disappears, the eyes return to normal.


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