What factors cause myopia?

(1) Genetic factors

Myopia has a certain genetic tendency, which has been recognized by the industry. High myopia is autosomal recessive inheritance. If one parent is highly myopic, the probability of children suffering from high myopia is 50%. If both parents are highly myopic, the probability of children suffering from high myopia is high.

(2) Environmental factors

What factors cause myopia?

The occurrence and development of myopia is closely related to long-term close work. With the development of science and technology, the popularity of TV computers and handheld electronic devices, and education is generally ahead of time. At the same time, the opportunity to see far is becoming less and less, and the children’s time of long-term and large-scale near watching is also greatly advanced, which leads to the sharp increase of teenagers’ eye use.

(3) Nutritional factors

Most myopic patients have low blood calcium and vitamin A deficiency; excessive sugar and high carbohydrate will reduce the elasticity of intraocular tissue, reduce the storage of trace element chromium, and make the axial length easy to grow. In addition, eating too much sugar, will make a lot of acid in the blood. Acid is neutralized with salts in the body, especially with calcium salt, and is reduced in the blood, resulting in a reduction of blood calcium. This will affect the tenacity of the eye wall, lengthen the eye axis, and cause the occurrence and development of myopia.

At the same time, due to the long-term near will consume the fundus macular lutein reserves, and most children partial to picky food, do not like to eat vegetables, so lutein reserves are decreasing. But after the lack of lutein in the eyes, visual fatigue and timely occurrence will increase sharply.

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