What harm does high myopia bring to you?

Abstract: myopia can cause exotropia or exotropia. For example, if the difference of myopia degree between two eyes is greater than 300 degrees, this situation is very common and has a greater impact on vision.

now there are more and more myopic people, and many myopic people do not pay attention to their habits, resulting in deeper and deeper myopia and higher degree, thus forming high myopia. High myopia not only causes inconvenience to our life, but also endangers our physical and mental health.

high myopia is called high myopia when the myopia degree is greater than 600 degrees (children > 400 degrees). The occurrence of high myopia is closely related to heredity, but the acquired environment also plays an important role in the pathogenesis of myopia. High myopia is prone to many serious complications, most of which will lead to blindness. It is one of the common causes of blindness in adults and ranks the sixth among blinding diseases in China.

The harm of

high myopia

1 affect the appearance

the harm of myopia is medium and high myopia, which will lead to exophthalmos, eyelid relaxation and affect personal appearance.

2 harm the physical and mental health of teenagers

due to children’s myopia, they can’t participate in a variety of sports activities, which affects the normal development of children’s body, resulting in children’s physical weakness and diseases, and their physical and mental health is greatly affected.


3 lead to the decline of vision.


normal vision can see the surrounding situation. If our vision decreases, we can see things vaguely, which has unimaginable harm to work and study.


4 lead to the decline of learning and work efficiency.


for us, we can better work and study only when we see clearly. If we see the font unclear, it will affect the academic performance of students, and it is bound to be prone to mistakes and decline of work efficiency for workers.


5 cause strabismus and amblyopia. Myopia of


can cause exotropia or exotropia. For example, if the difference between the myopia degrees of both eyes is greater than 300 degrees, this situation is very common and has a greater impact on vision.

6 genetic offspring

modern medicine has proved that myopia over 600 degrees can produce certain genetic factors. If it is not treated in time, it will also be inherited. Not only affect themselves, but also affect the next generation.

7 easy to be injured

after children get myopia and wear glasses, due to children’s lively and active, if the glasses they wear accidentally are hit and broken, their eyes will be stabbed in light cases and blindness in severe cases. If myopia continues to deepen, but not timely treatment, it will also make the child blind.

8 causes retinal detachment and cataract

because of scleral expansion and retinal degeneration, then the vision problems of patients will be more serious in the later stage, resulting in cataract or retinal detachment, and the harm will be increased.

9 flying mosquito disease

high myopia will cause vitreous degeneration or liquefaction of the eyes, leading to significant flying mosquito disease. Consciously float the light, Mars, light or dark shadow in front of you, and your vision is disturbed.


10 affect the decline of academic performance.


children with myopia can’t see words clearly without glasses. Wearing glasses is easy to cause visual fatigue, inattention and decline of academic performance. Children have myopia, there are great restrictions on their choice of major and employment, and their future has been greatly affected.

common complications of high myopia

1 posterior scleral staphyloma

degeneration and atrophy of optic nerve and perimacular retina, decreased corrected visual acuity

2 retinal atrophy and degeneration, hemorrhage and hole

due to the lengthening of ocular axis, posterior scleral staphyloma and other factors, Patients with high myopia are prone to retinal degeneration and holes, causing bleeding and retinal detachment, leading to blindness.

3 subretinal neovascularization

shows subretinal neovascularization in the posterior pole, causing bleeding and affecting vision.

4 high myopia is not suitable for vigorous sports

such as playing basketball, football, diving, bungee jumping, etc., because high myopia is a high-risk group of retinal detachment.

methods to prevent high myopia

1 develop good eye hygiene habits, write correctly, one foot away from the book, don’t lie down and read, don’t read in strong light or dark places, don’t read for too long, let your eyes rest for a while every 40 minutes or so, and look at the distance.

2 it is not suitable to watch TV for a long time and play video games for a long time. Now many primary and secondary school students play video games with small display screen, words and patterns and dark light.

3 doing eye exercises is very important for eliminating visual fatigue and protecting eyesight, and it is also a daily protection that each of us can do. Whenever reading for a long time or feeling eyesight fatigue, you can do eye exercises.


4 encourage children to participate in outdoor activities, see more trees, flowers and other green plants, and often take children out of the buildings, so that children can look into the distance in a wide field of vision.


5 regularly check visual acuity. If visual acuity decreases, timely diagnosis and treatment should be made. When myopia deepens, timely re optometry and glasses should be provided. For high myopia, fundus should be checked regularly to prevent complications of high myopia.