What is myopia how to correct it?

Myopia is a form of ametropia. When the eye is in a relaxed state, the parallel light enters the eye, and it is focused before the retina, which results in the formation of a clear image on the retina, which is called myopia. At this time, the examination of optometry will indicate the degree of myopia, for example, commonly known as myopia 50 degrees, recorded as “- 0.50D”.

In a relaxed state of eye regulation, the external parallel light enters the eye, and its focus falls on the retina, forming a clear image, which is called emmetropia; if the focus cannot fall on the retina, it is called non emmetropia, that is, ametropia.

If the patient has myopia and blurred vision, the following methods can be used for correction:

1、 Patients can correct their vision by wearing frame glasses, which is the most widely used method.

2、 Patients can correct their vision by wearing contact lenses, but when wearing contact lenses, patients must pay attention not to wear them for a long time to avoid keratitis.

3、 If the patient does not want to wear glasses, laser surgery can be performed.

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