What is myopia with astigmatism?

Astigmatism refers to that the refraction of the external parallel light is different in different parent lines. Therefore, after passing through the refractive system of the eye, there are many different focal points on the retina, called astigmatism

What is myopia with astigmatism?

Myopia is imaging in front of the retina, forming a focus. Myopia is to see far is not clear, see near clearly, and astigmatism is whether far or near will form a number of fuzzy images.

Most myopic patients are not only myopia, they are often accompanied by a certain degree of astigmatism

Why is myopic patient often companion astigmatism symptom?

  • Scientific research shows that even if people have normal eyesight, the vast majority of people have astigmatism. Because of blinking up and down, the horizontal axis of the eyeball will be longer than the vertical axis, and there will be about 50 degrees of physiological astigmatism. This is normal, and it usually does not affect life and does not need treatment.
  • Myopia and astigmatism these two kinds of diseases are mostly due to the refractive error of the eye, the non-standard eye habits in the cause of myopia at the same time, will also cause astigmatism, and normal people because of their own about 50 degrees of physiological astigmatism, so in the process of myopia will cause the deepening of astigmatism, and then affect vision, so for most myopic patients, astigmatism is often accompanied by myopia appear.

How to judge whether there is astigmatism?

  1. The astigmatism is blurry in the distance and near

As we all know, nearsightedness is clear, far is blurred, astigmatism is tragic, far and near can not see clearly.

  1. Astigmatism has double shadow

Also easy to fatigue, astigmatism close working time a little longer, easy to appear eye bloating, reading straying or multiple double shadow, low degree astigmatism may not respond significantly.

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