What is the best food for computer people? 6 kinds of food are most suitable

Abstract: people who often face the computer should drink more anti radiation drinks, such as medlar tea, chrysanthemum tea and green tea. Often drinking chrysanthemum tea can also get the effect of clearing the heart and brightening the eyes. Drinking tea with medlar clearing the liver and brightening the eyes can prevent vision decline and restore vision., 1. Kelp,

1. Kelp

kelp is the “Nemesis” of radioactive substances. It contains a substance called kelp colloid, which can promote the discharge of radioactive substances invading the human body from the intestine. 2. Green vegetables and fresh vegetables are “cleaners” in the human body. The secret is that vegetables have “secret weapons”. Alkaline components can make the blood alkaline, dissolve the toxins precipitated in the cells and excrete them with the urine. 3. Pig blood is rich in plasma protein. After being decomposed by digestive enzymes, plasma protein can react with dust and harmful metal particles entering the human body, become insoluble new substances, precipitate and then excrete out of the body. 4. Mung bean soup is known as “detoxification of mung bean soup” among the people. Modern medical research has confirmed that mung beans contain substances that help excrete poisons in the body and accelerate metabolism, which can effectively resist various forms of pollution. 5. Auricularia auricula the biggest advantage of Auricularia auricula is that it can help discharge cellulose substances, making it difficult for these harmful fibers to stand in the body. 6. Tea} drinking tea has the effect of anti radiation and can reduce the radiation harm of X-ray on computer fluorescent screen. Tea is rich in components such as tea polyphenols and lipopolysaccharide, which can adsorb and capture radioactive substances and excrete them out of the body. In addition, cruciferous vegetables such as milk, eggs, liver, cauliflower, cabbage, eggplant, lentils, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, bananas, apples and radishes are not only common delicious dishes on people’s table, but also have the function of preventing radiation damage. Computer families eat more of these foods, which is conducive to health.