What is the method of preventing myopia

vision loss is a problem faced by each of us, and now we are going to the younger people, so we need to prevent myopia in our life. In addition to congenital factors, many of us have unhealthy drug habits, which lead to eye fatigue and vision loss, Let’s take a look at the ways to prevent myopia and improve eyesight.

methods to prevent myopia

1. Blinking: blinking can well alleviate eye fatigue and dryness, which is very beneficial to our eyes, and this method can be done at any time and place, which is very convenient.

2. See more green. If there are green plants nearby, you can see them from time to time. Green has a soothing effect on the eyes. Often read a book or watch a computer at a close distance. You need to look at the distance occasionally to relax your lower eye muscles.

3. When we are reading books or computers, don’t keep staring. We should turn our eyes more and move more. Our eyes, like our body, need exercise.

4. Doing eye exercises: eye exercises are very helpful to alleviate eye fatigue and dryness. Often reading books or watching computers, you can do eye exercises every two or three hours and massage eye acupoints.

5. We should not read in a dark place, turn off the lights and watch the computer, and don’t read in the backlight or in the sun.

6. Apply an ice bag to your eyes: apply an ice bag to your eyes before going to bed, which can not only reduce swelling, but also help to alleviate eye fatigue.

methods to improve eyesight

1. Foods rich in vitamin C can reduce the damage of light and oxygen to the eye lens, so as to delay the occurrence of cataract. Foods containing vitamin C include fresh vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, lemons and hawthorn.

2. Foods rich in vitamin A are closely related to normal vision. If vitamin A is insufficient, the regeneration of rhodopsin is slow and incomplete, the dark adaptation time is prolonged, and night blindness is caused in severe cases. If vitamin A in the diet continues to be deficient or insufficient, dry eyes will appear, which can further develop into corneal softening and corneal ulcer, corneal wrinkle and Pitt’s spot. The best food source of vitamin A is all kinds of animal liver, cod liver oil, fish eggs, poultry eggs, etc; Carrot, spinach, sweet potato, pumpkin, green pepper and other vegetables.


we should pay attention to two aspects in preventing myopia: one is to relax our eyes, and the other is to supplement nutrition. In this way, the combination of the two can play a good role in preventing vision, and can play a good role in alleviating our friends who have been in myopia, so as to keep our vision in a stable state.