What is the requirement of corneal thickness for laser myopia surgery?

Abstract: can everyone do laser myopia surgery? The answer is yes or no, because laser myopia surgery also needs to meet the operating conditions, of which the most important is the corneal thickness, because the operation is to correct myopia by thinning the cornea. So what are the requirements for corneal thickness? Let’s learn about it.

laser myopic surgery is a selective surgery, which needs myopic patients to meet various requirements, of which the most important is corneal thickness, which is the key to determine whether the operation can be performed and the effect of the operation. Laser myopia surgery is to correct myopia by thinning the cornea and changing the corneal curvature. However, no matter how thin the cornea is, there is always a safe bottom line. Once this safe thickness is exceeded, complications will occur.

at present, the common standard is that those with corneal thickness less than 450 microns are not suitable for laser myopia surgery. There are also some patients with high myopia. Although the cornea is thick enough, in the process of laser myopia surgery, for each correction of 100 degrees of myopia, about 12 microns of cornea needs to be cut. If there is no myopia at all, there will be more thickness to be cut, which falls below the safety value. Therefore, the doctor will advise them to keep a certain degree to ensure the safety of the operation. In addition, we must know that the more corneal thickness retained after laser myopia surgery, the higher the safety of the operation.

above is “what is the requirement for corneal thickness in laser myopia surgery?” I hope it will be helpful to you. If you can’t pass the preoperative examination, it is recommended not to accept the operation forcibly, because it may bring sequelae or other risks to the operation.