What problems do women need to know about laser myopia surgery?

Abstract: female friends inevitably worry more about laser myopia surgery, such as whether laser myopia surgery can be carried out in physiological period? Will it affect makeup after laser myopia surgery.

many myopia patients are very distressed, because they need to wear a pair of heavy glasses every day, which affects their image, especially some beauty loving female patients. Therefore, more and more people choose laser myopia surgery. So what problems do female myopia patients need to know about laser myopia surgery? Let’s learn about it.

laser myopia surgery

I. can laser myopia surgery be performed in physiological period?

in fact, female physiological period can be operated on. Because the operation is laser in the whole process, the operation will not damage the blood circulation system and affect the normal physiological cycle. However, patients try to avoid the physiological period and do laser myopia surgery. Because women’s resistance in physiological period will decline, it is not conducive to the cooperation in laser myopia surgery and postoperative recovery. If you must choose the physiological period, it is recommended to choose the end or the beginning.

2. Will women affect makeup after laser myopia surgery?

laser myopia surgery does not affect facial makeup, but it is recommended to change it after a month. There are several precautions for eye makeup after operation: first, when applying eye cream after operation, be gentle, don’t use too much force, and don’t let eye cream enter the inside of the eyes; Two, after surgery, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow and other cosmetics try to reuse after three months. Third, be sure to be gentle when removing makeup, and it’s best not to let dirty water get into your eyes within three months.

III. will women affect pregnancy after laser myopia surgery?

laser myopia surgery does not affect pregnancy, but we suggest that it is more appropriate to get pregnant six months after laser myopia surgery. Because eye drops are needed three to six months after the operation, pregnancy during this period may affect the normal development of the fetus. Therefore, it is recommended that female friends who intend to be pregnant should be pregnant six months after laser myopia operation.

IV. can you give birth naturally after laser myopia surgery?

laser myopia surgery can carry out natural delivery, which will not affect women’s eye health and postoperative effect. This is because laser myopia surgery is performed on the cornea, does not open the interior of the eyeball, and will not affect the physiological structure of the eyeball. Moreover, excimer laser myopia surgery is carried out on the basis that the patient can bear normal intraocular pressure after operation, so as to ensure its safety and restore the patient’s postoperative vision to the best level. Therefore, after laser myopia surgery, parturient women can give birth naturally.

above is “what problems do women need to know about laser myopia surgery?” I hope it can help you. If you have other questions, please call or contact online experts, and we will provide you with detailed answers.