“White collar workers” Beware of “fatigue from the eyes”

Abstract: “tired from the eye” comes from traditional Chinese medicine. The discomfort caused by excessive use of the eye is not only reflected in dry eyes and decreased vision, but also makes the body tired and weak, feeling very “tired”.

is in the office. Obviously, they don’t do any physical work, but they feel weak when they sit down from morning to night. They even have headaches and insomnia and feel very tired. You know what? This is probably caused by overuse of the eyes.

traditional Chinese medicine believes that “fatigue enters from the eyes”

, that is, the eyes will cause fatigue and discomfort of the whole body. Some authorities even pointed out that eyes are the birthplace of systemic fatigue. As long as they have problems such as pain, swelling, dryness and blurred vision, they can easily lead to a series of fatigue symptoms such as headache, inattention, emotional irritability, slow response, fatigue and weakness, insomnia, nausea and vomiting. The main reason is that eye fatigue will produce “fatigue toxin” and then invade the whole body, making the whole body feel “tired”.


visual fatigue not only cause general discomfort, but also cause local discomfort, including discomfort or pain around the eyeball and orbit, acid swelling in the middle of the eyebrow, fear of light, tears, visual double shadow, etc. Symptoms such as general discomfort mostly appear in the elderly, weak and weak, and sub-healthy people.


traditional Chinese medicine believes that the essence and Qi of the five zang organs and six Fu organs are focused on the eyes, and the blood and Qi of the twelve meridians are concentrated in the eyes. Loss of liver and kidney, weakness of spleen and stomach, stagnation of Qi and blood, fatigue and nerves are all involved in the eyes. In other words, the essence and Qi of the five zang organs will rise to the eyes, and the eyes are connected with the body meridians. If there is disease in each organ of the body, it can be reflected from the eyes. On the contrary, if your eyes are too tired, it will also involve your internal organs.

therefore, as the source most vulnerable to fatigue, the eyes will have an early warning effect on the emergence of systemic fatigue symptoms. Solve the whole body sleepiness and tiredness, when starting from the eyes.

experts suggest

first, usually use the computer, watch TV and read books, rest for 10 minutes every hour, blink and turn your eyes at the same time. The computer family will raise the seat slightly, lower the computer, and the angle between the eyes and the display is about 5 degrees down. “This can make the eyes open smaller, maintain eye moisture and prevent dryness.

secondly, apply a towel to your eyes in the morning and evening, a cold towel in the morning and a hot towel in the evening. You can also smoke your eyes with chrysanthemum tea to keep your eyes moist, but be careful not to use eye drops at will.

again, eat light, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables such as carrots and dried fruits such as walnuts and sesame seeds.

finally, experts suggest that we should often massage Jingming point, zanzhu point and temple with index finger and thumb to alleviate visual fatigue. Jingming acupoint is located in the inner side of the eye, in the depression slightly above the inner corner of the eye, zanzhu acupoint is located in the depression on the inner edge of the eyebrow, and the temple is in the bun, where you can move when eating.