Who is crazy about the growing myopia of children?

Abstract: myopia is not only a problem of “invisible” and “unclear”. If it is not controlled and intervened, the development will cause very serious consequences, which can easily lead to serious eye diseases such as retinal degeneration, retinal hole, macular degeneration and retinal detachment. These diseases will even lead to blindness to a certain extent.

myopia is a kind of ametropia. On the premise of static refraction, distant objects cannot converge in the retina, but form a focus in front of the retina, resulting in visual deformation and blurring of distant objects.


and “disease” refer to abnormal physiological or psychological conditions.

from this we can know that myopia is actually a disease, and high myopia is a serious eye disease that must be paid attention to. Most people don’t have a correct understanding of myopia. They not only don’t realize the harm of myopia, but also some people regard it as a manifestation of “culture”.


in fact, myopia is not just a problem of “invisible” and “unclear”. If it is not controlled and intervened, the development will cause very serious consequences. It is easy to lead to serious eye diseases such as retinal degeneration, retinal hole, macular degeneration and retinal detachment. These diseases will even lead to blindness to a certain extent. According to the survey,




, the incidence rate of myopia among primary school students in China is 31.67%, 58.07% in junior middle school, 76.02% in senior high school, and the age is becoming younger and younger.

how long do you have to endure the trouble brought by myopia?!

corneal shaping technology

corneal shaping technology originated in the United States. After 50 years of development, it has been applied in 34 countries around the world; It is a corneal shaping lens designed with a special inverse geometry, and its inner surface is composed of multiple arc segments. The lens and tear layer are unevenly distributed, and the resulting hydrodynamic effect changes the geometric shape of the cornea. It is worn in the front of the cornea when sleeping, gradually flattening the corneal curvature and shortening the ocular axis, so as to effectively prevent the development of myopia. It is known as “the technology that can control and correct myopia when sleeping”. Can

1 corneal plastic lens cure myopia?

there is no real technology to treat myopia in the world. There are adult methods and adolescent methods to treat myopia. The most common method for adults is excimer laser surgery. The most advanced technology for the treatment of juvenile myopia is MCT technology in the United States, that is, professional customized corneal plastic lens correction technology, rather than mass-produced corneal plastic lens. It carries out holographic scanning and cloud computing of 6000 to 10000 data for each eye. It is an accurate and personalized customized corneal plastic lens.

MCT technology is completely ahead of the traditional corneal shaping technology in many aspects, and has made qualitative breakthroughs in more than ten aspects, such as fitting standardization, reexamination objectification, corneal safety, predictability of wearing effect, simple nursing and so on. It can not only achieve the same visual effect as excimer laser surgery, but also control the development of myopia, which complements the age limit of surgery. Objective technology is adopted for fitting and recheck to avoid subjective error. Is

2 corneal shaping lens safe?


corneal shaping lens is a non-invasive non-surgical method for myopia correction. It is widely used in developed countries and has been certified by FDA. It is recognized as the healthiest choice for vision control in ophthalmology. It needs a series of tests by doctors to determine its suitability. During the use period, as long as parents supervise or help children to complete the cleaning and disinfection procedures, Let the child keep good hygiene habits, and the child’s eyesight will be effectively restored; In the clinical practice of Guangzhou Sun Yat Sen Medical University, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital and Hong Kong Polytechnic from 1998 to 2012, no case had side effects due to the use of corneal shaping lens.

3 is it suitable for everyone to wear corneal shaping glasses? The age range of


should be between 8 and 40 years old, and the age of the best corrected vision is in adolescence; The adaptive range of myopia is -0.50d ~ -5.00d (commonly known as 50 degree to 500 degree myopia); the ideal range of myopia astigmatism is that the astigmatism is less than 1 / 2 of myopia, in which the astigmatism is less than -1.50d.

in one of the following cases, corneal plastic lenses


cannot be worn One is suffering from eye diseases, including severe dry eye; Acute and chronic dacryocystitis; Blepharitis; Eyelid insufficiency and ptosis; Severe chronic conjunctivitis; Keratitis; Keratoconus; Chronic uveitis; cataract; glaucoma; Amblyopia; Paralytic strabismus; Nystagmus; Diseases of optic nerve and optic pathway, etc.


are those suffering from other diseases, such as systemic contraindications, including severe acute and chronic sinusitis; Severe diabetes mellitus; Using drugs that may cause dry eyes; Severe rheumatoid arthritis and other immune diseases; Pregnant and lactating women, etc.

4 how to ensure the traceability of product quality?


the corneal shaping lens we choose is a brand that has passed the SFDA night wear safety performance certification in China and the FDA night wear safety performance certification in the United States. The quality is related to the material and processing technology. It uses Boston quality II material. The oxygen permeability of this material is greater than 90 and the wetting angle is 36. Adhesion between corneal epithelium and lens is rare, Achieve high-level security performance; In addition, magnetic levitation processing technology is selected to form at one time and avoid polishing. The product is guaranteed globally. Each lens is coded with a unique code, which is bound with the patient to facilitate consumers to query on the global public website.