Why can myopia become clear through squinting?

Abstract: when squinting, tilting head and squinting eyes, the curvature (curvature) of the lens is increased through the adjustment of the eyes, so as to strengthen the refractive power of the eyes and make the close objects form a clear image on the retina.

many people say that myopia is best not to wear glasses often, which will make the degree deeper and deeper. The important thing is to narrow your eyes and enjoy the hazy beauty of “the world is a plane, 30 meters away, North and South”.


have friends to ask. Why do people always say they can’t see clearly, but they can see clearly by squinting, tilting their heads and squinting their eyes?

don’t worry, Xiaobian will decrypt it exclusively for you!


squint, tilt head and squint. Through the adjustment of the eyes, the curvature (curvature) of the lens is increased, so as to strengthen the refractive power of the eyes and form a clear image of close objects on the retina.

when we look at things, the pupil changes and the lens changes. This is the process of the eye adjusting refractive power.

when we are looking at things near us, the ciliary muscle contracts and the lens becomes convex.

when looking at the distance, the ciliary muscle is relaxed and the lens becomes flat.

so if you want to make your ciliary muscles relax, you can look at the distance. That’s why looking at the distance can make your eyes rest! This is also the mechanism of eye regulation. The adjustment of


mainly enhances the refractive power of the eye by increasing the curvature of the lens surface. In the unadjusted state, the total refractive power of the eye is 58d, but the lens becomes convex and flattened through it. At the maximum adjustment, there is a refractive power of 70D, so the lens has a lot of space.

the regulatory power will gradually weaken with age. When you get old, you see things blurred and get presbyopia, that is, the lens loses its function of becoming convex and flattened.


tend to be short-sighted. Narrowing your eyes will become a habit. When looking at the distance, you will unconsciously narrow your eyes. In fact, the easiest way to see the distance after myopia is to wear glasses.

therefore, friends who have the habit of squinting should get rid of this bad habit immediately!