Why do children blink?

Abstract: there are many reasons for children’s frequent blinking, and the treatment is also different. Experienced doctors are needed for diagnosis and treatment. Once parents find that their children blink frequently, they should see a doctor as soon as possible to avoid aggravation of the disease.

blinking is an instinctive action of human beings and a normal physiological activity of eye muscles. When people feel uncomfortable or nervous, such as dry eyes and astringent eyes, they will blink reflexively. These are normal muscle activities. Blinking is a protective mechanism to protect the eyes from the stimulation of foreign bodies and light. At the same time, it can ensure the uniform distribution of tears, protect the cornea, avoid the dryness of the eye surface, and prevent the damage of dust. Newborns blink twice per minute. When they grow up, the number of blinks will normally reach 14-17 times per minute. If the number of blinks greatly exceeds this frequency, it is a pathological phenomenon. So what are the common causes and treatments for children’s frequent blinking?

1. Dry eye disease} in the past, the living conditions were limited, the TV was rarely watched, and the children had few dry eyes. Now all kinds of mobile phones, game consoles, learning machines and iPads have become children’s poisons. Image stimulation, TV screen flickering and fast change speed not only lead to excessive excitement of children’s visual center, but also reduce children’s blinking, resulting in easy dry eyes. After a period of time, it finally appears and begins to blink more. Close your eyes and rest will improve, contact and interact with children more, and avoid long-term communication between children and machines. If it still cannot be improved, you need to see an ophthalmologist. 2. Allergic conjunctivitis} some children blink seasonally, and often rub their eyes at the same time, complain of itching and foreign body feeling. Sometimes they can see sticky silk like secretions, and the effect of dropping antibiotic eye drops is not good. At this time, allergic conjunctivitis should be highly suspected. If there are symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose or pharyngeal itching and discomfort at the same time, it can be basically determined. Careful parents can also find many “small pimples” in their children’s eyelids. This is caused by the child’s allergy to some substances, such as pollen and dust mites. Antibiotic treatment will not improve, and sometimes aggravate the symptoms. At this time, anti allergic eye drops should be used, such as sodium cromoglycate eye drops or pyrrolimus potassium eye drops. In severe cases, hormone eye drops should be used locally, but ophthalmologists should give prescriptions and clinical close observation. At this time, children should avoid rubbing their eyes and wash their eyes with ice water to reduce symptoms. 3. infectious diseases such as conjunctivitis and keratitis may be associated with infection of bacteria, viruses or chlamydia, which are often associated with bad hygienic habits of children. In addition to the increase of blinking, there are also manifestations such as redness, itching, increased secretion, tears and so on. For frequent blinking caused by bacterial inflammatory stimulation, levofloxacin eye drops or tobramycin eye drops can be used, 3-6 times a day, and erythromycin and other antibiotic eye ointment can be applied to the eyes once a night. In severe cases, the number of eye drops can be increased to once every 1-2 hours. If the inflammation is caused by virus, use ganciclovir or andafen eye drops four times a day. Generally, systemic treatment is not required. Different infections may behave similarly. If parents can’t distinguish them, they’d better go to the ophthalmology department and ask the doctor for a prescription. 4、 Congenital entropion and trichiasis: some children have congenital entropion of eyelids (medically called eyelids) or obesity, which causes eyelashes to lie on the surface of the eyeball and stimulate the cornea (the surface of the black eyeball) causes tears. This situation is the most common in the following cases, which can be found by careful parents. In terms of treatment, the light ones can gently turn the eyelids outward to the normal position, and use tape to stick them on the local skin for traction and fixation. With the child’s physical development, the eyelid entropion is expected to heal itself. The severe ones need surgical correction. 5. Eye fatigue blinking: including visual acuity Fatigue, such as ametropia, especially caused by visual fatigue caused by uncorrected hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism. This is a protective reflex, which can adjust the curvature of the eyeball and make the vision clear by blinking constantly. In this case, children’s study and life should be properly arranged. Children should be told that the time for reading, watching TV and computer should not be too long. Children should be urged to do eye exercises, and optometry and glasses should be provided when necessary. 6. Habitual blinking: some children still keep the habit of frequent blinking after the cause is removed through treatment because they have a history of frequent blinking caused by one of the above causes. Some children like to imitate other people’s frequent blinking because they don’t pay attention at ordinary times, resulting in habitual frequent blinking. Parents should remind their children in time to help them control themselves. 7. Temporary tic disorder: generally, there is no need to worry about this situation. 4% – 24% of school-age children will have this situation. The involuntary twitch of eye muscles is related to stimulation and pressure, and they are not happy in study or mood. Sometimes the child’s symptoms disappear in a different environment, such as when taking him to a doctor. This situation usually subsides by itself, about a month or so. If the child has been in this situation for more than one year, and has irritability and personality changes, such as often making strange noises, even swearing and swearing, this situation is medically called child hyperactivity foul language syndrome. This disease seriously affects children’s normal life, study and mental health. Go to Pediatrics for treatment in time, cooperate with doctors for treatment, do not scold, beat and scold children, but gradually induce and patiently persuade them. In short, there are many reasons for children’s frequent blinking, and the treatment is also different, which requires experienced doctors for diagnosis and treatment. Once parents find that their children blink frequently, they should see a doctor as soon as possible to avoid aggravation of the disease. As long as it is found and treated in time, the general effect is good. In addition, introduce some foods that are good for the eyes. You can selectively eat some for children at ordinary times.   1. Carotene: it can be converted into vitamin A in the body. Foods rich in carotene include carrots, tomatoes, various green vegetables, animal liver, cream, whole milk, egg yolk, etc.   2. Vitamin B1: it can be taken from brown rice, flour and various beans.   3. The natural food sources of vitamin B2 and B6 are animal liver, milk, egg yolk, peanut, spinach, etc.   4. Vitamin C: it can be obtained from all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits.   5. The prevention of myopia needs to start with infants and young children. According to scientists, the occurrence of myopia is related to the lack of a trace element of chromium and calcium in the body. If children eat a lot of sugar and high carbohydrate foods, they will reduce the storage of trace element chromium in the body. Eating too much boiled protein foods will reduce the calcium in the bodyAbnormal metabolism, resulting in calcium deficiency. Therefore, to prevent myopia, in addition to paying attention to eye hygiene, we should also cultivate children’s reasonable eating habits, pay attention to nutritional hygiene, eat less candy and foods with high sugar, eat less white rice, white flour, eat more brown rice and coarse flour, eat less lard, limit the intake of foods with high protein animal fat and refined sugar, and reduce the discharge of chromium from the body. At the same time, eliminate the baby’s bad eating habits of partial eclipse, and eat more animal liver, eggs, milk, shrimp skin, beans, lean meat, mushrooms, etc.


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