Why does the child have myopia? You will never think of these reasons!

Abstract: preschool children’s eye development is in the golden period, and children’s vision is not fully developed and mature. Practicing the piano too early without paying attention to protecting eyesight, children have a high probability of myopia.

every parent doesn’t want myopia to happen to their children, but we have to admit that there are more and more small glasses around us. What is the reason for children’s myopia? There are many reasons, maybe parents can’t think of it!

killer 1: sweets

reason: the metabolism of sugar in sweets and carbonated drinks in the human body requires a lot of vitamin B1 and reduces the content of calcium in the body. Calcium is the “protector” of eye tissue. Lack of calcium in the body will not only reduce the elasticity of eye retina, increase the pressure in crystalline body and lengthen the anterior and posterior diameter of eyeball, It can also cause degenerative lesions of cornea and ciliary muscle, so as to weaken the elasticity of eye wall and deepen myopia.


countermeasures: eat less or no sweets and drink more milk. Milk can supplement calcium, which naturally increases the “protection ability” of eye tissue.

Killer 2: noise

reason: when noise acts on auditory organs, it will also “spread” to visual organs through the action of nervous system, weakening people’s vision. In short, noise can reduce the sensitivity of human eyes to brightness. The research of relevant experts shows that when the sound intensity is above 90 dB, the sensitivity of rod cells in the fundus retina to distinguish light brightness begins to decline, and the time to identify weak light response is prolonged. When it exceeds 45 dB, 40% of people have dilated pupils, and when it reaches 115 DB, the adaptability of the eyes to light brightness decreases by 20%, accompanied by the weakening of color perception.


countermeasures: try to reduce the volume when using household appliances or talking.


killer 3: learning piano too early


reasons: preschool children’s eye development is in the golden period, and children’s vision is not fully developed and mature. Practicing the piano too early without paying attention to protecting eyesight, children have a high probability of myopia. Moreover, the characters of the piano score are usually relatively small. When children practice the piano, they look at the piano score and the keyboard, and they look at it from a close distance for a long time, which is more likely to make people feel tired. Premature and long-term excessive piano practice will accelerate the development of eyeball emmetropia and consume the original hyperopia too early. If it is not corrected in time, children are more prone to myopia.


countermeasures: for children learning piano, in addition to regularly checking their eyesight, parents should also pay attention to amplifying the piano score to sub light paper, light yellow or light green; Put a non frequency flashing eye protection lamp for children on the piano; Rest for more than ten minutes every 45 minutes, cooperate with eye exercises or overlook and close your eyes; Take children to do more outdoor sports. Of course, in order to protect their eyesight, children under the age of 5 had better not learn the piano.

Killer 4: psychological factors

poor psychological factors lead to vision loss. There are roughly three types:

1. Conditional type: this type is more common in girls. They often use the excuse of “blind eyes” to avoid heavy learning tasks. Most of them are afraid of learning. They often look at things in the dark, resulting in a decline in their eyesight, and then use it to avoid learning.

2. Glasses desire type: This is mainly due to the worship of film and television stars wearing glasses and beautiful or scholar style in “glasses advertising”. Therefore, they often wear other people’s glasses instead of myopia. Over time, they slowly develop into myopia.

3. Tension type: it shows that some teenagers have slight myopia. When they wear glasses, they can completely avoid the continuous decline of vision, but they are afraid to wear glasses. They are nervous at the thought of wearing glasses. Therefore, he refused to wear glasses for a long time or secretly took off his glasses, resulting in decreased vision.


countermeasures: parents and teachers should interact with children more, pay attention to children’s mental health, help children overcome bad mentality and keep children in a positive and good mood..


Killer 5: family environment


reasons: discord between husband and wife, tension between parents and children, parents’ abuse of children, etc. will cause children’s visual impairment, which is mainly seen in preschool children and often ignored. Adults’ visual acuity is also related to psychology. Central retinal and choroidal lesions are a common eye disease, In adults. The patient’s visual acuity can suddenly decline significantly. In daily life, there are cases of crying and blindness due to excessive sadness.


countermeasures: children are actually the most observant diplomats. Parents should try to restrain their emotions in front of their children and don’t make them feel uneasy. And more communication with children, so that children have a healthy body and mood.

killer 6: living environment

reason: the environment that many children can’t change unknowingly hurts their eyes. Including the uneven reflection of the classroom blackboard, the wall is too bright, the lighting is too bright or too dark, and the desk and chair are inappropriate, which will directly, silently and for a long time affect the child’s vision.


countermeasures: try to create a bright and spacious learning environment for children and avoid children using their eyes too much in too bright or too dark places.

killer 7: eye hygiene

reason: bad eye hygiene habits have a far-reaching destructive effect on the eyes. Children’s self-control ability is poor, they do not pay attention to the correct reading and writing posture, the allocation of desks and chairs is incorrect, they do not know enough about the importance of preventing myopia, and they do not have the awareness of being responsible for their own eyes.


countermeasures: strengthen children’s awareness of preventing myopia, teach children to wash their hands frequently, correct children’s incorrect writing and reading knowledge, and buy appropriate tables and chairs.

killer 8: lack of sleep

reason: lack of sleep will cause children’s systemic autonomic nerve dysfunction, affect local sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve dysfunction, and lead to ciliary muscle regulation dysfunction, which is the pathological basis for the formation of myopia.


countermeasures: appropriately reduce children’s learning pressure and ensure adequate sleep.Urge children to form the habit of taking a nap and reduce their pressure. After reading


, are parents as stunned as Xiaobian? Don’t say anything. Quickly pay attention to whether your children have similar situations in life, but you can’t increase the number of small glasses.