Why is vision so difficult to control? Why do you have to do vision care?

Abstract: because the eyes look at the near side for a long time, the adjustment of the eyes is excessive, the ciliary muscles are tense and move forward, and the anterior chamber becomes shallow and narrow, resulting in an increase in intraocular pressure, which is equivalent to that of people who look at the near side for a long time. When they look at the near side for a long time, the intraocular pressure will rise for a long time. In this way, there will be congestion in the veins, which will soften the sclera, and cause abnormal growth of the ocular axis for a long time. Many people in

reacted with Weiwei backstage. They have avoided all the factors that can lead to vision deterioration, but they still failed to control their vision. What unknown factors are harming our vision. Today, we sorted out the causes of vision deterioration put forward by some experts, It is convenient for concerned vitamin fans to prepare for prevention and control.


regulate spasticity factors


because the eyes look near for a long time, the ciliary muscle tension of the eyes increases and develops excessively, which will slowly thicken the eye lens. When the lens thickens, the crystal diopter increases, causing regulatory myopia. There is no timely relaxation of crystal regulation. After long-term tension of the ciliary muscle, The muscles begin to harden and set (adjust the crystal locking state), and finally make the ocular axis grow abnormally.

factors of excessive ocular pressure

Because the eyes look near for a long time, the adjustment of the eyes is excessive, the ciliary muscles are tense and move forward, the anterior chamber becomes shallow and narrow, resulting in an increase in intraocular pressure, which is equivalent to that of people who look near for a long time. When they look near for a long time, the intraocular pressure will rise for a long time, which will lead to congestion in the veins, softening the sclera, and abnormal growth of the ocular axis in the long run.

ocular muscle factors

due to the long-term view of the near side of the eye, under the regulation of the eye and the relationship of triple movement, the excessive collection caused by excessive eye regulation. The internal and external rectus muscles in the ocular muscles compress the equator of the eye. During the collection, the internal rectus muscles exert force to make the eyes converge, and the external rectus muscles should relax, but due to excessive collection, the external rectus muscles still compress the eyes, To reduce over regulation, the superior and inferior oblique muscles and optic nerve pull the posterior sclera, which will lead to abnormal growth of the ocular axis under long-term action.

crystal pressure factor

because the eye looks near for a long time, it causes adjustment, ciliary muscle contraction and tension, so that the crystal thickens for a long time, compresses the vitreous body to the back, then the vitreous body compresses the retina to the back, compresses the scleral cribriform plate, and produces abnormal growth of ocular axis under the action of long-term compression.

scleral nutritional factors

due to the long-term view of the near side of the eye, cause regulation, ciliary muscle contraction and tension, so that the choroid has a pulling and tension effect, the blood flow decreases, the blood volume is insufficient, and the scleral nutrition begins to decline. Under the effect of long-term malnutrition, the sclera becomes thinner and the hardness decreases, and the sclera softens, resulting in abnormal growth of the ocular axis.

hormonal factors

hormonal factors


hormones can cause excessive growth of organs, which has long been accepted by big subordinates, and the eyeball is also a part of human organs. In the current highly commercialized society, many crops rely on hormones to stimulate growth, such as potatoes weighing two or three kilograms, white gourd bigger than people, etc, Including some pigs that can be slaughtered in three months, chickens that can be made into meat in one month, etc. some hormones will still remain in these foods, and these hormones will cause abnormal growth of body organs after their precipitation reaches a certain value through long-term consumption.

the macular area lacks nutritional factors.

the eye is a convex lens that gathers all external objects onto the retina, just as we can light paper with a magnifying glass in the sun. Gathering all external things together will also produce heat, and excessive temperature will make the retina uncomfortable, In the process of converging light to the retina through the eyeball, some heat will be absorbed in the macular area, and about 85% of the composition of the macular area is lutein. Lutein is produced by green vegetables through photosynthesis. Today’s vegetables grow in greenhouses, with insufficient sunlight and short growth cycle, resulting in insufficient lutein content in vegetables, Some of our children are picky about food, which weakens the protective function of the macular area due to insufficient lutein. After excessive heat reaches the retina, the retina can’t stand such high temperature and grows backward protectively, resulting in excessive growth of the ocular axis.

genetic factors

premature infants, one of the parents has high myopia, etc. may cause the child’s hyperopia reserve value to be insufficient at birth. Many parents blindly pursue vision 1.0, and even when the child has a physical examination before entering the kindergarten, if the vision is less than 1.0, they rush to seek medical treatment everywhere, and Xiaobian also mentioned in the previous article, The normal visual acuity of children under the age of eight is multiplied by their age by 0.2. When they enter the park, they are usually three years old, that is, 0.2×3 = 0.6. If their visual acuity exceeds 0.6, children will have 100% myopia. Do not think that premature face-up is a good phenomenon. People’s eyes will deteriorate at least 300 degrees from birth to adulthood because of normal body development, excessive eye use, stimulation and other factors, In other words, when a child is born with 300 degrees of hyperopia, the child’s eyes just become serious when they deteriorate by 300 degrees in adulthood. If they deteriorate by 300 degrees prematurely, the child will develop into the field of myopia in the next few days and can’t be cleaned up. Many parents think that when the child is three or four years old, his eyesight is about 1.0. They are very happy, I think my myopia is not inherited to the child. In fact, the heritability of myopia is very high. One of the parents is highly myopic, and the hyperopia reserve of the child at birth will be less than 300 degrees.





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