Why myopia occurs?

Myopia is a normal physiological phenomenon. Functional myopia is a temporary dysfunction of the eye. Through moderate exercise can completely restore eyesight health!

Why myopia occurs

The reason why we are helpless to myopia is that we have reversed the cause of myopia! Myopia is not tired, but we do not use the function of distant vision normally, so the function of far sight is reduced and degenerated!

From this point of view to look at myopia, 95% of the society’s myopia patients can completely restore normal vision, our understanding of myopia has problems, leading to the current situation of myopia!

If we want to solve this problem thoroughly, we need a courage to subvert our cognition, which may make us completely confused. Is myopia true or false? Rebound? Heredity? This series of problems need to be re recognized. This impact is not only the traditional interest groups, but also the authoritative judgment of the industry!!

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