Why worry about small myopia? It only takes 20 days to improve your eyesight from 0.1 to 1.5

Why worry about small myopia? It only takes 20 days for

to improve vision from 0.1 to 1.5 (no matter electric, magnetic or moxibustion) just make an article on the ciliary muscle, that is, solve the problem of visual fatigue – ciliary muscle spasm – that is, pseudomyopia. The instructions of these instruments are very clear, and both manufacturers and stores have secretly changed their concepts in publicity and confused the real pseudomyopia. Parents who lack ophthalmic knowledge are easy to be fooled under the incitement of clever words People are used to eyesight care or other training methods. They can improve their eyesight by 2-4 frames in 1-2 months, which is misled by mediocre people.


pseudomyopia means that the visual acuity of primary myopia is about 0.8, which is caused by ciliary muscle spasm. Eyes can return to normal after proper rest. True myopia is the deformation of the eyeball and the elongation of the ocular axis. At present, no instrument can change the length of the ocular axis, even by relaxing the adjustment of the ciliary muscle to the ocular axis, This continuous weak adjustment (just opposite to the process of forming myopia) takes a long time, or calculated in years. The only way to treat myopia is to make the other party promise and sign an agreement to improve their eyesight to normal within the expected time. [no second person in China dares to promise]

In the 1980s and 1990s, a soldier’s physical examination required a vision of 1.5. With the sharp rise of myopia rate, the requirement for vision is reduced to 1.0, which is helpless. It’s all myopia. Someone has to be a soldier, right? Now 0.8 0.6 vision is also called standard. 80% of the students in a middle school wear glasses. No wonder they can’t get a quota in the air force. The simple treatment of


will not change the bad habit of using eyes. Without strong eye protection exercise support, it is like a leaky pot and water injection will never be full. This loophole is the bad eye habit that causes myopia. Another example is walking in rainy days. Without the shelter of raincoat and umbrella, you can not be caught in the rain, can you? (various factors causing myopia are like rain) unless you have a better protective layer – strong innate endowment.

standard vision is 1.5 or more. While 1.0 myopia is about 25 °, which is equivalent to just passing the exam with 60 points.

Vision reduction method, based on the overall concept of traditional Chinese medicine and the anatomy of Western medicine, teaches based on syndrome differentiation, opens up the meridians, makes the essence and Qi of the Zang Fu organs directly reach the eyes, stimulates the self-healing function of the human body, and quickly adjusts the deformed eye tissue in an all-round way. Whether true, false, congenital or acquired myopia, the visual acuity of 0.1 is improved to 1.5 or more within 20 days. (half blind people for more than a month) the treatment only takes 20 minutes at a time. [ADHD, mentally retarded masturbation, insensitive meridians and collaterals, and invalid ones will not receive a full refund in two days]


exercise methods are divided into external practice method, internal force method and mental method [initial, intermediate and advanced]. A complete set of eye training methods in the Kung Fu world. After practicing for 30 minutes every day for a few days, I have the ability to adjust my eyesight – self-treatment – my eyesight is in my own hands.

my eyesight restoration method is a method of self-treatment, which is “fish with people”, and the exercise law is “teach people to fish” , as long as you develop the good habit of maintaining your eyes – small myopia, it’s not a worry. My idea is: I’m not afraid you don’t believe, I’m afraid you don’t try, and let the curative effect prove everything.