Will myopic people grow old? Will these vision training methods, eye lasting health care!

Abstract: myopia is the ability to see close objects clearly, while presbyopia is the inability to see close objects clearly, and the ability to see far objects is the same as the original. The old man without myopia has presbyopia. He doesn’t need glasses to see far away, but only when he sees close.

to find out whether myopia will get presbyopia when it is old, we must first understand what is “presbyopia”. Take the function of the camera as an example:

cameras need to adjust the focal length of the lens when taking pictures, so as to take a clear picture. The focal length used to shoot a scene 5 meters away is different from that used to shoot a scene 1 meter away, The task of adjusting the focal length is completed by the photographer. The imaging principle of human eyes and camera is basically the same.

in order to see objects at different distances, the human eye also needs to constantly adjust the focal length, which is completed by adjusting the convexity of the lens in the eye. When people are young, the lens has good elasticity and can see objects at different distances. With age, the elasticity of the lens gradually decreases, and the muscle function of the eye gradually decreases. The range of lens regulation becomes smaller and smaller, so you can’t see the nearby objects. This decline in the regulatory power of the eye itself is a normal aging degradation phenomenon, “presbyopia” will appear, which everyone can’t avoid.

myopia will also get “presbyopia”

as the saying goes, “if you don’t spend, you will be forty-eight”. Most people will have presbyopia when they are about 48 years old. There is a saying in life that people with myopia will not get presbyopia when they are old. The reason is that some people with myopia can meet the need of looking close without reading glasses in old age. In fact, this view is one-sided. In fact, people with myopia will still grow old, but the lens degree is different.

myopia is to see the near object clearly, but the far object can’t see clearly, while presbyopia is to see the near object clearly, and the far object is the same as the original. The old man without myopia has presbyopia. He doesn’t need glasses to see far away, but only when he sees close. And the original myopic people have presbyopia. They still have to use myopia glasses to see far away. They may not be able to see near. Because myopia and presbyopia can offset this part of “seeing close”.

for example, some people have 600 degrees of myopia and 250 degrees of presbyopia. After offsetting these 250 degrees, they still need 350 degrees of myopia glasses when looking close. Some people have myopia of 200 degrees, and presbyopia is also 200 degrees. When he reads books and newspapers, he can not wear presbyopia glasses, but he still has presbyopia, which is just offset by the lens degree.

presbyopia has a certain relationship with the use of eyes when young. If the eyes are overworked, presbyopia will “check in” in advance. Young people don’t want to wear presbyopia glasses, which requires more attention at ordinary times. Don’t always make your eyes tired. First of all, we should ensure adequate sleep and give our eyes a full rest. Secondly, you should work close for about 50 minutes to let your eyes rest, usually 10 minutes. You can keep your eyes away from the computer screen or books, look into the distance, do office exercises, eye exercises and exercise your cervical spine. It will be good to adhere to it for such a long time.