Will the degree of myopia increase with age

Abstract: there is a great relationship between the decline of adult vision and overuse of eyes (overuse of eyes should eat more corn, eye fatigue eye drops with cooling ingredients). The eyes should rest, just like people sleep every day. If they don’t get the rest they deserve for a long time, the regulation function of ciliary muscle will go wrong.

The question of whether the degree of myopia in adults will increase all the time depends on the individual situation. Specifically, about 80% and 90% of adult myopia patients have stable degrees; But for many myopia patients with genetic background, the degree may keep rising. “Clinically, there are myopia patients aged 50 or 60, whose degree is still increasing, and growing very fast, but generally speaking, the proportion of this situation is very small.

adult vision loss and overuse (if you use your eyes excessively, you should eat more corn, and use eye drops with cool ingredients to fatigue your eyes). It has a lot to do with it. Your eyes should rest, just like people sleep every day. If you don’t get the rest you deserve for a long time, there will be problems with the regulation function of ciliary muscles.

White collar workers who sit in the office all day spend most of their time facing the computer, or reading books and newspapers in the office. They use their eyes for a long time and with high intensity, which makes their eyes feel very tired. The ciliary muscles are in a state of fatigue from watching close distance for a long time, and the symptoms of vision decline over time. This kind of “myopia” is actually a form of visual fatigue. At the same time, patients will feel sour and painful eyes, and are always in a dry state.


in addition to visual fatigue, office people are also prone to dry eye disease. Patients will first feel dry eyes and fear of light. They always feel that there is something in their eyes, which is called “foreign body feeling”. Such a person can put a humidifier in the office. Although it can not solve the fundamental problem, it will be relieved to a certain extent.