Will you wear contact lenses?

Abstract: the maintenance and cleaning of contact lenses take time. Except for the one-day disposable type, other contact lenses need to be thoroughly cleaned after removal, and the cost of purchasing all kinds of potions is also high.

nowadays, with the increase of living pressure and the continuous growth of living standards, many people do not pay attention to some eye hygiene and some computer radiation, resulting in eye diseases such as myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. Many people wear glasses, but glasses are inconvenient for many people. Then a kind of contact lens appears on the market, It is mainly worn directly on the cornea of the eye, or this kind of lens to protect the eyes. It can bring great improvement in appearance and convenience. Contact lenses also provide a lot of effects on the development of hyperopia or just control. Many people have a lot of confusion and misunderstandings when wearing contact lenses, Now let’s briefly understand:

“advantages and disadvantages”

1. Good physiological compatibility makes it difficult to cause corneal hypertrophy and edema when wearing RGP lenses for a long time.

2. High oxygen permeability, not easy to cause hypoxia and dry eye, and will not cause changes in the number of corneal endothelial cells.

  3. To prevent the deepening of myopia or astigmatism, the visual acuity correction effect is better than soft contact lenses.

  4. Simple maintenance and long service life; Under correct care, the lens can be used for up to 2-3 years.

  5. Long term use of lenses is cheap. The “discomfort” of


is strong when they are first matched, and it takes about a week to adapt. And the unit price is high, which is not easy to match in ordinary glasses stores. The maintenance and cleaning of


contact lenses take a long time. Except for the disposable one-day contact lenses, other contact lenses need to be thoroughly cleaned after removal, and the cost of purchasing various potions is also high. For people who don’t often wear contact lenses, it takes time to put on and remove contact lenses, and the lenses can be put on and removed at any time like frame glasses.

complications caused by contact lenses:

⊙ eye sensitivity

⊙ dry eye

⊙ keratitis

⊙ conjunctivitis

⊙ corneal injury

⊙ corneal edema

⊙ corneal ulceration

⊙ giant papillary conjunctivitis

⊙ corneal vascular hyperplasia

important suggestions

we must find suitable contact lenses, and we must choose a professional optometrist for optometry. Contact lenses can have strong oxygen permeability and are not easy to cause dry eye. At the same time, the cost of long-term use is relatively cheap, which can protect the health of cornea, It also causes other complications and dry eye, eye sensitive conjunctivitis, etc. when wearing contact lenses, we must pay attention to the hygiene of the eyes.