]Yoga eye skill – vision training camp


I remember that the professor mentioned in the anatomy class that there are 26 muscles in the eye. The cooperative work of these muscles ensures that the eyes complete fine work. Both myself and my classmates were surprised.


have been ophthalmologists for so many years, but they have not realized that there are so many muscles in the eyes, and they have not realized that the eyes have been doing the most active movement in the body.

in addition, when we dream, our breathing becomes slow and gentle, our heartbeat slows down, our blood pressure drops, and our muscles relax. However, our eyes keep swinging left and right and can’t rest.

in this way, the muscles of the eyes move 24 hours a day.

fortunately, the muscles that maintain eye movement work in pairs, and its movement follows Sherrington’s law [the law of equal nerve supply between paired muscles].

when one muscle receives nerve impulses to contract, the other muscle should be restrained and relaxed at the same time.


, that is, our eyes are like two horses with 12 reins, moving in one direction at the same time under the unified control of the coachman (brain). When turning, the reins on one side of each horse should be tightened at the same time, and the reins on the other side should be relaxed at the same time, so as to move smoothly.

it is each eye rotation that relaxes one side of the eye muscle.

however, as masters, when we work hard day after day in front of the computer, especially in myopia. When our eyes stare at a little and do not exercise, our muscles are like overloaded machines, which have been in a tight state. We can’t relax without exercise, resulting in fatigue.


in life, we often exercise our muscles with the help of instruments to enhance our physical quality and disease resistance.

similarly, we can also exercise the muscles of the eye to maintain its relaxation and flexibility and enhance visual function. The next video of


is the treasure of eye training – yoga eye skill. The specific steps follow Zhang Huilan. You can also edit it into MP3 format and practice it at different times and places.

yoga eye skill is an eye protection skill to exercise eye muscles. It can effectively eliminate eye fatigue and tension, help eye muscles strengthen and full of energy, and restore the energy of visual nerve, so as to avoid the tendency of deepening vision.

regular practice of yoga eye skill can improve many visual defects, such as myopia, Even recovered. I hope all friends will pay attention to and maintain their eyesight from yoga eyesight!

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