You have to eat foods supplement for myopia

The eye is different from other organs, skin and bones, especially the optic nerve. Once it is damaged, it cannot be repaired. So we must pay attention to eye protection.

In daily life, in addition to strengthening the protection of the eyes, we should also eat more nutrients that are conducive to the function of the eyes. So, do you know what food can protect your eyes?

You have to eat foods supplement for myopia

As long as the ingredients have antioxidant capacity or are rich in vitamin A, C, e or lutein, DHA, anthocyanin, prawn red element, they are all helpful ingredients for eye protection.

Lutein, the vitamin of eyes

The growth and metabolism of human body are inseparable from vitamins. Similarly, eyes also have their own essential vitamins, which are lutein.

Studies have shown that lutein and fish oil are nutrients that can enter the eyes. Fish oil is generally obtained from deep-sea fish, with high price and low cost performance. There is no need to buy it every day, but lutein is different. Although it can not be synthesized by human body, it can be obtained from very common and cheap food, as long as we pay enough attention to it.

It is suggested that lutein should be replenished in time every day when the eyes are tired, which can provide nutrition for the eyes, so as to effectively prevent vision loss and blindness caused by cataract, glaucoma, vitreous opacity, presbyopia, senile macular degeneration, etc.

What to eat to supplement lutein?

Stir fried corn with spinach: the most delicious combination of lutein

The method is very simple. After blanching spinach, cook it according to your usual practice. Before leaving the pot, sprinkle some boiled corn kernels (if it’s raw corn, it should be cooked first), and then sprinkle a few medlar in the basin. It’s not only beautiful in color, but also full of lutein and zeaxanthin.

This set of combined food is recommended to be eaten frequently, without worrying about the shortage of lutein and vitamins, but pay attention not to fry in high temperature, just cook and eat it with common cooking methods.

One kiwifruit a day: the highest lutein content

Kiwifruit is the first place in lutein content. The key is that it is not only the treasure house of lutein, but also rich in vitamin C, a famous antioxidant.

Therefore, eating kiwi fruit is equal to double the antioxidant capacity. The retina of the eye is most afraid of oxidation. Eating this fruit can help make the oxidation slower.

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