You have to know matters needing attention diet for myopia correction

1.To eat less sweets, young people like sweets, eating extra sugar will weaken the elasticity of the eye wall, the axial elongation of the eye, and increase the risk of myopia.

Myopia eat less sweets

2.To avoid vision loss, you should eat fish, citrus fruits and red fruits. But pay attention to the increase of myopia food, especially sugar, meat and whole fat cheese to eat less.

3.Vitamin B2 in food is also an important nutrient for protecting eyes. Once you lack it, you will be afraid of light, dry eyes and vision loss and other phenomena, giving people a sense of fatigue, no spirit.

Vitamin B2 protects vision

Vitamin A and carrot also maintain the main nutritional elements of human epithelial tissue, and the diet to prevent myopia also needs to pay more attention to this aspect. Once vitamin A is lacking, dry eye disease and keratomalacia will occur.

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