You have to pay attention myopia caused by diet

Many people often attribute myopia to bad habits of using eyes, such as improper reading distance, too dark light, long-term use of eyes, etc. but in recent years, medical research shows that improper diet is also one of the important reasons for inducing juvenile myopia. Do you know why?

You have to pay attention myopia caused by diet

There are a lot of trace elements in the food that people often eat. The chromium element in the food has a lot to do with myopia. Especially for the developing teenagers, the demand for chromium is much higher than that for adults. The excessive intake of sugar will lead to the loss of chromium stored in the body, resulting in myopia.

Chromium mainly exists in coarse grains, brown sugar, vegetables and fruits. Some parents don’t pay attention to food matching and give their children some fine food for a long time, which results in the lack of chromium in the body, the change of blood osmotic pressure in the body, the change of lens osmotic pressure in the eyes, the convex lens, the increase of diopter and myopia.

  1. Excessive sweet food reduce vision
Myopia induced by eating more sweets

Teenagers like sweet food, and too much sugar in the body can make the blood slightly sour. And the human body wants to keep acidAlkali balance, consumption of a large amount of calcium, resulting in blood calcium deficiency, weakening the elasticity of the eye wall, so that the eye axis elongation. At the same time, high blood sugar will make the lens convex and form myopia.

  1. Calcium deficiency caused by eating barbecue and smoked food
Vision loss caused by barbecue

Some data show that the formation of myopia is related to the lack of calcium, chromium and other inorganic salts. Inorganic salt calcium and chromium play an important role in maintaining intraocular pressure, ocular wall hardness and preventing myopia. If you eat too much protein food such as roasted mutton kebab, it will cause calcium deficiency in the body. In the case of calcium deficiency, the sclera strength will be reduced, which can not resist the stimulation for a long time, so as to form early myopia.

  1. Eat starch food with fine processing
Myopia induced by eating refined food

For example, French fries and cakes will promote the pancreas to secrete more insulin. Too much insulin will cause a rapid reduction of an important growth factor, “protein-3”, which will cause children’s eyeballs to grow too long and the lens development is not coordinated.

  1. Eating too little hard food is also one of the causes of myopia.

Eating hard food can promote the movement of facial muscles, including the muscles that control the movement of the eyeball, and then effectively play the role of adjusting the lens of the eye.

Eating hard food can prevent myopia

Japanese researchers investigated nearly 300 students. Those who like hard food are normal, and those who often eat soft food have different degrees of vision loss, so chewing is known as eye health exercise. Therefore, according to the development of children’s teeth, arranging chewable hard foods such as carrots, potatoes, soybeans, fruits, etc. to increase the chance of chewing can prevent myopia.

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