You who want to do myopia surgery need these professional suggestions most

Abstract: laser myopia surgery has no sequelae. The operation uses cold laser, which only acts on the cornea and will not penetrate the cornea and damage other tissues inside the eyeball. Therefore, it will not have side effects on the internal tissues of the eyeball.

every year, many people regain clear vision through myopia surgery, enter the military camp, realize their dream university and embark on ideal jobs. Although myopia surgery can help the majority of myopia patients out of the “sea of suffering”, not everyone can do myopia surgery. In order to help you understand myopia surgery, Xiaobian specially asked experts to give professional suggestions.

how to choose myopia surgery and what kind of people can do myopia surgery? Now let Gu Baomin, President of femtosecond laser Department of Liaocheng Guangming ophthalmic hospital, give you a professional answer:

1 How many degrees of myopia can you do myopia surgery?


are myopia patients with myopia of 1200 degrees and astigmatism of 600 degrees, the degree is relatively stable, and the degree decreases by no more than 50 degrees within one year.

  2. Is it safe to do myopia surgery? There is no doubt about the safety of


myopia surgery. With the continuous development of medical technology and the upgrading of medical equipment, laser myopia surgery is very mature now. In foreign countries, German special forces and NASA fully recognize femtosecond laser myopia surgery. In China, many myopia patients take off their glasses through surgery, enter military barracks, enter universities and go to various posts every year.

  3. Will myopia surgery have sequelae?


do not. There are no sequelae after laser myopia surgery. The operation uses cold laser, which only acts on the cornea and will not penetrate the cornea and damage other tissues inside the eyeball. Therefore, it will not have side effects on the tissues inside the eyeball.

  4. Does myopic operation meet ache?

no, myopia surgery is performed on the cornea. The nerve endings on the corneal surface can be completely anesthetized by dropping surface anesthetic. There is no pain during laser treatment, so don’t be too nervous about the operation.

  5. How long does myopic operation process take?

laser cutting is very fast. The femtosecond valve making time is about 6 seconds. The whole operation process of both eyes takes more than 10 minutes.

  6. Can everyone do myopia surgery?


myopia surgery can not be performed by everyone. We strictly control the preoperative examination and have strict requirements for various examination standards, which is not only for the safety of patients, but also for the pursuit of perfect visual quality. Myopia surgery can only be performed for myopia patients who have reached the age of 18, have basically stable myopia, no systemic immune diseases, no scar constitution, no active inflammation in the eye, and no other eye diseases such as keratoconus, glaucoma, cataract and fundus lesions, intraocular pressure, cornea and other eye conditions that meet the operation requirements.

  7. How long can you use your eyes normally after operation?


can be used normally the day after operation. However, the recovery speed of vision will be slightly different for different people. It will take 3 months to 6 months to be completely stable. During this period, you need to pay attention to using your eyes, develop good eye habits, follow the doctor’s advice and return to the clinic regularly to ensure that your vision returns to the best level.

  8. Will the postoperative effect rebound?

myopia surgery itself will not rebound. The laser is implemented in the third layer (stromal layer) of the cornea. This layer of tissue has no regenerative ability, so there is no saying of rebound. If the degree of myopia is relatively stable before treatment and the axial length of the eyeball is no longer increased, myopia will not reappear after treatment, so the treatment effect is basically stable and lasting.